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Playing Destiny.

2015-04-17 20:33:51 by WadeFulp

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2014-11-26 12:25:26 by WadeFulp

We're getting a pretty good snow storm here. 


Live streaming video by Ustream


It's Tunesday!

2014-07-29 16:06:41 by WadeFulp

Tuesdays will now be known as Tunesday around here! I will be featuring tracks from the audio portal on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter on Tuesdays. I will mainly be featuring tracks that have been featured on the front page by the audio mods, but feel free to comment below and link me to cool tracks you find that you think should be getting more attention.  What would also be great is if we had more users interacting with our posts on FB, Tumblr, and Twitter. These days FB limits how many of our followers see our posts based on the activity each post receives. So if we had a regular crowd that helped to like and comment on our posts it could help the artists get more exposure. If you would like to help interact with our posts you can find us here:


You can follow us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/newgrounds

Also on Tumblr at http://newgrounds.tumblr.com/


Win NG store credit on Twitter!

2012-11-12 15:43:57 by WadeFulp

We are going to play around with giving out NG store credit via some Twitter contests. Basically we'll tweet something and to enter the contest you will need to RT the link. We will then pick a random RT'er to receive the credit. The amount of the credit may vary from contest to contest, depending on how frequently we try this.

To participate you will need a Twitter account and follow our @newgrounds twitter: twitter.com/newgrounds

You will obviously need a valid NG account that we can award the store credit to. I am going to try and hold our first contest this evening.

Out of control old lady!

2012-05-08 17:26:23 by WadeFulp

Saw an old lady lose control of her car today. She swerved all over the road and then she drove off the road into the brush and trees. I had to pull over and call 911 with some other people who stopped to help. She was alive, but pretty banged up.

Out of control old lady!


2011-10-31 14:14:28 by WadeFulp

Anyone hit by the major snow storm? Many people are still without power and can't even get online to share their experience. Here's a video I shot as I was trying to get home on Saturday around 12PM. The storm started snowing sooner than expected.

Lady Gaga

2011-10-16 02:19:41 by WadeFulp


Farina Kid

2011-09-17 15:12:18 by WadeFulp

Anyone else find this kid creepy? I made a video to show you.

New @Newgrounds Twitter Lists!

2011-02-10 14:47:51 by WadeFulp

I decided to create some lists on Twitter to list our various contributors to the site! So far we have:

Programmers (Game Developers)
Voice Actors

If you are on Twitter, contribute content to Newgrounds, and would like to be on one or more of the above lists, please sent a tweet to @newgrounds and include a link to your NG userpage, and include which lists you would like to be on. Example:

@newgrounds.com http://tomfulp.newgrounds.com #animators #programmers

Link to current lists: http://twitter.com/Newgrounds/lists

If you have an idea for other lists, leave a comment!

Dive around Perkasie, PA in the snow!

2011-01-14 12:24:12 by WadeFulp

During the January 7th snow event I took a little drive around town after dropping my kids off for school to see how the roads were for my wife who had to leave for work in a bit. Shot a video with my iPhone 4 (watch in 720p). This is the town Tom and I grew up in. Sorry for the cheesy iPhone iMovie music that loops. :P

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