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It's Tunesday!

Posted by WadeFulp - July 29th, 2014

Tuesdays will now be known as Tunesday around here! I will be featuring tracks from the audio portal on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter on Tuesdays. I will mainly be featuring tracks that have been featured on the front page by the audio mods, but feel free to comment below and link me to cool tracks you find that you think should be getting more attention.  What would also be great is if we had more users interacting with our posts on FB, Tumblr, and Twitter. These days FB limits how many of our followers see our posts based on the activity each post receives. So if we had a regular crowd that helped to like and comment on our posts it could help the artists get more exposure. If you would like to help interact with our posts you can find us here:


You can follow us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/newgrounds

Also on Tumblr at http://newgrounds.tumblr.com/



Comments (21)

Not seen you on the front page in forever. Woohoo, Tunesday is going to be awesome. :D

Even though Newgrounds is such a social network in of itself, I'm surprised there isn't much activity on Facebook and Twitter.
I'll fav/like posts as I come across them! Keep up the great work!

Yeah, it's kind of lame how little activity we get when we post to FB. With nearly 200k likes, you'd think we'd get a fair amount of likes and comments when we post things. It could be that most of our fans aren't seeing the posts, and those who do see them don't bother to interact. If more people try to leave comments it may help encourage others to comment, and FB to share our posts with more people.

Yeah, your Twitter feels wrongfully barren of reply and interactivity, but I for one appreciate the posts on there. I don't reckon voice audio pieces have any play in Tunesdays, right?

Probably not voice acting demos, but maybe if it's something creative. Do you have an example of what you'd like to see featured?

It's very unfair how hard it is to get people to interact!
From what I've experienced, people on Facebook and Twitter don't like clicking on external links. If only Newgrounds content could be actually embedded into the feed. :\

We could embed videos into the feed, but that doesn't help out the people who make the videos. If people click the external links and come to NG they will support the content creators by viewing ads, etc, which they earn revenue from.

I feel like a lot of Newgrounds fans aren't the type of people who use social network sites like Facebook and Twitter very extensively. Maybe I'm just speaking for myself, but I don't have Twitter and I barely use my Facebook and I go on Newgrounds like every day. But I'll try to like more posts on Facebook. I'll do whatever I can to help. :D

Yeah, it's hard to tell where our fan base is spending their time, but when Facebook goes down (crashes, maintenance, etc) we see a big bump in traffic. :) Thanks for helping.

Newgrounds on Tumblr
"Everything, by cis scum"

oh hey Wade

Tom didn't come to Comic Con this year

I actually wanted to pitch my game idea to him

and the behemoth

You can't just change the name of a day like that.
You could get arrested for that shit.

Maybe we'll make the papers.

Well I have a hard time envisioning it for the music theme implied with "Tunesday", but I was imagining stuff like this:


Or this:


Drama/comedic/radio play type pieces.

Like I said, I think it's a bit of a stretch, although... I dunno, maybe if they feature music in a more significant way, like this here:


I'll try to feature these when I'm featuring general things.

Hey Wade. Have you been to the Wade appreciation thread yet? Sorry for spamming @WadeFulp there.

Don't worry about getting arrested. I'll send in the tentacle monster lawyer brigade to bail you guys out.

Seprix just uploaded a sweet track: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/583470

Might be worth checking out :)

About time you made a new newspost. Last one was in 2012.


I've been forgetting about you. And even if I did find your page, I'd think you were dead or you quit out of bad sibling relations.

Make a Writer's portal.

Yeah, I've been following newgrounds on FB for a long time, rarely see you guys in my news feed. Shitty system.

You can go to our page, mouse over "Liked" and you should see a drop down menu that lets you enable notifications. Then when we post something you will get a notification so you will never miss one of our posts. :)

Yaaay. Newgrounds really is the best community on the Internets

Hey, some nutter in the BBS said today (8/5) was your birthday. If so, awesome, have a good one! Maybe you would consider listing the day here: http://painbringer.newgrounds.com/news/post/771661

what tracks do you like?

Candy :P

happy 40th birthday apparently

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