Fucking Verizon Rep.

2007-10-10 15:38:11 by WadeFulp

Over a year ago Verizon brought it's fIOS Internet service to my area. That's fiber optic, and I get 15mbps down, 2mbps up, hooray. So anyway, I've been waiting for their fIOS TV service to be available, and today got a call that it was finally ready to go. Cool! However, the guy, who I could barely hear because of a bad connecton (way to go Verizon, this was on a land line btw), was trying to sell me on a $99 a month package which would include the Internet, TV, and phone. The thing is, the Internet would be 5/2 and I want 15/2. I told the guy I had 15 and want to keep the 15 and he told me that I wouldn't notice the difference! OH REALLY?! WTF! So if I download a 100MB file which takes me about 1 minute now, I won't notice it taking over 3 minutes after the down grade to 5mbps? Or a 1GB file going from a little over 10 minutes, to over 30? He kept assuring me I wouldn't notice the difference and kept giving me bull shit reasons why. Holy shit! I guess they can fool the majority of idiots out there, but they weren't fooling me. I was insulted they'd try and bull shit me like that and when I call back to talk to another rep, hopefully not this douche again, I'll let them know I was not happy with the way they tried to BS me.

Normally I've had good experiences when dealing with Verizon customer service and I have a feeling they outsourced some firm to handle these Verizon TV sign ups.

Just thought it was kinda funny that they'd try to tell someone there is no difference between 15mbps and 5mbps. For most people it probably wouldn't matter much, but if you regularly send large files around, like batches of family photos, MP3's of your favorite radio show, or whatever, it matters.


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2007-10-10 15:52:00

Wade, things have come a long way since 56/kbs.
Anywho, They will do anything for money.
At least they don't make you go out and buy your own coaxial cables and splitters if you need to replace them because half the time the internet's out, half the time is on but slow.
I'd love to invest in a fIOS. Too bad its not in my area.
WTF are you downloading at 1GB? That's loads of pron. Shiggity Shiggity Shwag.

WadeFulp responds:

Actually not much. Maybe the occasional video game demo, etc.


2007-10-10 16:10:17



Also Verizon usually has good customer service, maybe you just got some dick.


2007-10-10 16:49:13

I'm eagerly awaiting leaving home to get a good internet instead of this shitty (upto) 240kb/s...

Since I often download large (500MB - 2GB) files, it takes a while...

How much is your current internet anyway?


2007-10-10 18:03:48

Yhea, trust me, I got fIOS, and it rocks, you will be very happy with what you get, tv is perfect, and phone is normally crystal clear, internet is fast as hell!


2007-10-10 18:54:54

Bah, a company that can't respect it's customers decisions needs to learn, seriously.
I'd love to have a 15mbps connection, I don't think they get very fast in the UK to be honest.


2007-10-10 21:19:47

I have comcast, which f'in goes out every day because of hackers. I can't get flOS. That guy who was telling you that bullcrap is an idiot, 15mbps is WAY faster than 5mbps. I see why you're pissed. Verizon only wants money, they're just a huge company full of greed, unlike NG's awesome company and it's workers.


2007-10-12 01:51:18

Have you ever actually downloaded something at over 2mbps? Have you checked the download rate? The claims are almost never true, what they advertise is usually what it could get in ideal circumstances only.

I've had Comcast Cable for a while and it's supposed to go up to 12 mbps, but I've never got over 1mbps. When I had Verizon DSL it never went above maybe 200kbps and it was advertised as 5mbps.

(Updated ) WadeFulp responds:

That's cable modems for you. They claim one thing, but depending where you fall in the chain of connections, you might not even get modem speeds! I used to get 5-6mbps with Comcast, and I paid for 8mbps.

Verizon's fIOS is different, each customer has a private connection. Once it was hooked up I ran speed tests and I got 15mbps down, and 2mbps up. I got exactly what I was supposed to. Never had that with Comcast.

Fiber optic is the way to go if you can get it.

Now, some sites don't serve their content as fast as your connection can take it, but many do.


2007-10-12 02:44:20

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2007-10-12 21:30:59

Do you have cat 5, 6, or 7 cables? :/


2007-10-12 22:40:43

I've been a bad boy. =[


2007-10-13 05:39:00

Hmm, I'm intrigued. Maybe I'll switch over because 15mbps would be freaking sweet.

Earlier this year workers ripped up the sidewalk outside my building to install a fiber optic cable for Verizon. People made a big deal out of it because our previously beautiful cobble stone sidewalk (downtown Seattle) now has a patch of white cement about 30 feet long. So even though I don't know how the distribution works, I guess it's so close now I should be able to get it.


2007-10-13 14:51:45

Alicethedroog has a pornographic image on their userpage.


2007-10-13 16:53:44

Do you have to delete alicethedroog? Can you just delete their picture... I don't want to be responsible for someone's deletion from the site.

WadeFulp responds:

That's not really pornographic, there aren't real people, it's just cartoons, etc. His stuff is on the edge, but not over the edge.


2007-10-13 21:27:43

Damn salesman.


2007-10-14 10:10:23

That sucks I have Verizon and it was a HUGE upgrade. Maybe some glitch in the system happened, but that sucks.


2009-05-10 09:26:08

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