NG Digg Team!

2009-01-06 23:25:30 by WadeFulp

We are looking to form a NG Digg Team. If you are interested in joining the team, apply in the NG Digg Team topic in Clubs and Crews: 14356

I'm also working on setting up a NG Twitter. For now you can follow me at until I get the official Newgrounds Twitter feed up.


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2009-01-06 23:28:23

Won't be able to help, but I wish you the best of luck.

Have a nice day.


2009-01-06 23:31:51

what a useless piece of shit web 2.0 is


2009-01-06 23:34:00

good luck with that wade


2009-01-06 23:35:44

honestly, what the f is the point of twitter? i never understood what it was all about.

WadeFulp responds:

Pretty pointless unless you build up a lot of followers that regularly check their Twitter. :)

CNN and FoxNews have been using it successfully to converse with their viewers. With the iPhone being so popular there are now many Twitter clients available, Twinkle, Twitterfon, Twitterific, Twittelator, Tweetie, Tweetsville, etc. Twinkle is fun because you can see Tweets from people in your area that post via Twinkle's Tapulous Network, and some of the Twitter apps will also show nearby Tweets if the Tweeter has their location data shared.


2009-01-06 23:38:12




2009-01-06 23:41:28

If you are reading this then PLEASE help me!

My user name man! People keep making fun of it! Could you please change it to BlazingIce? Somebody has that username but they never posted and the account is inactive!



2009-01-06 23:43:11

Getting NG users to do advertising for you? Great idea


2009-01-06 23:47:30

whats the Digg thing anyways Wade


2009-01-06 23:54:43

I agree with rtil web 2.0 is for techno hippies

WadeFulp responds:

Maybe, but it doesn't hurt to remind them who was ruling the Internet before they came along. :)


2009-01-07 00:01:31

I have a idea for Newground's that I sent to Tom Fulp a week ago. But it probably got deleted because so many people send him a PM. So since I don't want this ti go unheard. I suggest a yearly webcam that tells the best flash of the year, and give unheard of artist's a chance of making their flash seem like a professional game/movie. They could be able to add their awards to their list of regular awards. It isn't that much of a big thing were people fly to it but it show's a clip from the game/movie.


2009-01-07 00:19:20

You used the word "Digg" 19 times in that post/ 25 times if you count the following post and this blog.

The more you know!!!


2009-01-07 00:56:55

But if by "Digg" you mean to say...

"Hey Tom...look at this Awesome Flash"

I already do that with Tom Fulp, and Mc...

And sure enough...they get front page or land in their favorite's page.

Being a Digg member means being more active in the Flash Portal or looking through old stuff right?

Well...I just do that casually....I think that if the WHOLE NG community acts as a Digg...

Special "Points" can be rewarded to those individuals....and not just a TEAM.

Kinda like the Whistle Status.

Only instead...they are "Digg" Points.

Pulling a Bold Idea...

The "Digg" Points can then be used to get discounts on NG merchandise....

Meh...nevermind...that's a bad idea...


2009-01-07 01:03:01

Thank you for changing my username.


2009-01-07 01:31:01

NG does need a Twitter page for quick updates and all that junk. A Digg team is kinda questionable IMO.


2009-01-07 01:35:19

Too much twit in one page for me.


2009-01-07 02:52:18

Too Many T's!


2009-01-07 02:54:45

wasn't there going to be a friends list on peoples user page before this?
or did it never took off from the ground?


2009-01-07 03:40:00

I just got a twitter account like two days ago and I must say its pretty cooler than what I thought it was going to be.


2009-01-07 04:17:25

I'm more of a Reddit guy.


2009-01-07 07:02:35

the future of the internet everybody.


2009-01-07 07:28:55

that sounds like a good idea. =)


2009-01-07 11:13:15

there is no point to twitter. why do you bother using it!?


2009-01-07 12:23:22

Ahh now i know what Twitter is, and by the way did they sort out their password problem?


2009-01-07 13:01:29

I feel like maybe I'll go twit some twats with a twitterific tweet


2009-01-07 14:49:54

Joining for sure. Newgrounds deserves that kind of exposure.


2009-01-08 17:44:23

CNN and FoxNews have been using it successfully to converse with their viewers.

Yeah, well they're both attention whoring scum that would love nothing more to break lulz, Anon, gaming, and your brother.

Also, I do my best to advertise.


2009-01-09 00:39:17

go home


2009-01-10 16:45:51

Nice! NGs been needing some such promotion! Good luck with it!


2009-01-12 21:12:26

You can blame me for shinron666

sorry giez


2009-01-12 21:22:40

I'd like to join the NG digg community to help better newgrounds, but I'm having a little trouble myself. Could you link me to where you would sign up for a NG Digg account?