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Hello everybody!

Posted by WadeFulp - July 16th, 2007

Hello Newgrounds fans! I hope you all enjoy the new look of the site and all the cool new features. Congratulations to everyone on the NG team who slaved away on this redesign for many months. The wait was worth it and I can't wait to see all the other new features the NG team will come up with in the future. Now show your love for Newgrounds by ordering some stickers.

Comments (47)

i love your icon and i love the new site thx for everything mna its so cool..

What's that? Did you censor your words there?

Your apostrophe is messed up.

You're the man Wade.... You. Are. The. Man

Thank, you wade for giving us updates all through the days.

And we finally have the redesign! :)

I can&u2019t wait to see all of the other new features either. :)
And wade, 80 stickers not enough? I'm not made of cash. :(

Your profile Pic looks badass! It makes you look more powerful and stronger. Well, I'm guessing JohnnyUtah made that pic. It's nice to see that you and the rest of the NG crew made a drastic yet epic change and you know what they say, change is good. So yeah, thanks for everything and I'll play you again in Gears of War sometime soon. Ciao!


Wade, the Pm system isn't working :[
I can't accept the terms if they're not there.

Well, this design was unexpected! I'll have to get used on this, overall good job! And you're profile pic is the best

Yeah I love the new layout ^_^

Background of content pages should be a bit darker, other than that great redesign.

Oh yeah, why do i end up getting white pages when i reply on the forums?

Love the toon Wade but your natural face is shmexier! XD

I sense a wade rant about the news abuse coming soon...

I thought about Dr. Steel when I saw your profile pic.

You look like a white CJ from GTA.

After several hours of 90 people bitching on Paltalk, it's done =D
I love it!
If I had money, I most certainly would buy stickers.
Hey, Wade.
Wanna donate to the Connor needs Stickers foundation?
It's for a good cause.

T-the layout and features are just beautiful... need I say it again? But unfortunately, I lack the funds to buy stickers... ;(

Gj Wade. For doing nothing.

: just playing

Keep it up.

I just ordered some stickers. About how long will they take to get to me? Much faster now I hope with the Paypal system.

I don't really like your icon, I wish it looked more like your pictures (Tom Greenish?).

Am I the only one who thinks it's funny that Wade totally changed the topic to ordering stickers??

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